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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Useful Apps, Blogs & Forums For New Parents

When I was pregnant I was anxious, curious and impatient to know everything about parenting, baby care, labor process, post labor care and what not.
These apps and blogs were a life saver for me, They used to be my companions during sleepless nights. They were just a click away when I want to know something urgently. I thought I should gather all these useful links in one place to help the other ladies who are going through the most interesting and challenging phase of their life. Yes, you are welcome to parenthood.

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  1. Babycenter app:
I read it everyday. It has some useful features, like pragnancy calander, check lists,  week by week information about baby growth and other useful stuff. Informative videos and articles are one click away from you. I also loved their birthclubs , you can easily become members according to your baby's due date of birthday and share your experiences with the other parents. Download it here.
     2.   Paklinks parenting forum

 I am a member of this gupshup forum since I got engaged. I used to follow its wedding forum which was really helpful throughout my wedding preparations. But now I am more active on its Parenting forum and its very helpful for all the muslims, pakistani moms around the world. Visit Here.
     3. Kellymom:

 It is a blog by a wonderful mom. If you are planning to exclusively breastfeed your child then there is plenty of information, guidance and positivity you will get from here. you will get any information that will be  needed during the journey of pregnancy and then parenthood. I love this blog.

4. Weldon Moms:

A facebook page of a very informative platform provided to the mothers of this region to talk about similar issues and share their problems.
5. MomTalk :

 A facebook page for the Pakistani moms out there. Post your queries and get instant response by been there done that moms.
      These were my top 5 useful links for the expected mothers and new parents. specially if you are a Pakistani where resources are very limited. if you have anything informative to share then leave it in a comment below.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blog name changed

It is a notification that this blog name is changed . Now it will  be called as Heaven of my Home.
Why did I change it ? because I felt that the old name was too typical and restricted me on blogging only on topics related to parenting, now with new name I will be focusing on everything related to home , motherhood, parenting and in between.

hope you will appreciate my work.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What to pack in hospital bag?

what to pack in hospital bag?
What to pack in hospital bag ?
You are in your third trimester and spending lots of sleepless nights wondering what would you need at that time? what would happen if you forgot a certain thing ? do not take is the solution :
I got loads and loads of advices when i was in this situation. Everyone told me different things and i also searched it on google and the list was getting longer and longer.The lists provided on internet and various parenting blogs were not useful at all as their hospital rules and services are different as what we get here in Pakistan.
in reality, only few things were important and were needed that time.Despite the fact that i had to stay for three day because of my C-sec. So here i am going to share only thing that were USED or actually needed in the hospital.
For Baby:

1. Clothes:
One suit with matching wrapping sheet were needed right away when baby was born. My hospital asked me to give them one diaper, one wrapping sheet, one suit when the baby was born. They did not give bath to baby at the moment. You can pack all these things together and hand it over to who ever is with you that time.

2. Bath towel and bath accessories:
One bath towel, tip to toe wash, newborns does not need shampoos or baby powders.

3. Few extra clothes:
Pack 4-5 new born clothes as babies tends to get dirty very soon.

4. Diapers:
newborns uses 7 to 10 diapers a day. Pack accordingly.

5. Petroleum Jelly or Rash Cream:
I suggest you to buy unscented jelly by Johnson's. Its very effective in prevent+
ing diaper rashes and you can also use it as a moisturizer on baby.

6.  Wipes or Wet Tissues:
These are a life saver when you are in a rush and does not have water around.

7. Burp Clothes:
Get a few of them as newborns spill alot during burping sessions.

8. Carry nest:
you can either get a carry nest or just use a wrapping sheet according to weather situtation.

9. Feeding Bottle:
I did not buy one because i wanted to breastfeed exclusively for first siex months. But i lost so much blood and had to stay in ICU for one night after delivery. So my baby had to take Formula milk for one day. If you are not planning , just buy one for any circumstances.

10. Dates:
If you want to give your newborn as Ghutti, please prefer giving dates.This is the sunnah way. Do not give honey to child who is below one year.

10. For Yourself:
  • Cell phone, chargers.
  • camera
  • one going home outfit
  • undergarments
  • comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, facewash, moisturizer
  • sanitary pads
I have written this post according to the needs of a Pakistani women and our society. Feel free to write me if you have any confusions or queries.

lots of love,

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Introduction !!

I am a stay at home mom who is here to share her experiences of motherhood with all you new moms out there. I feel that there are not enough information available which caters the needs of Pakistani mom specifically. Parenting is a tough job. It takes lots of effort and your patience. Its more difficult here in Pakistan as you are not independant enough to decide what you want to do. Too many people from your home and in laws are always ready to help you or force their opinions on you which sometimes left you confused or helpless.
I have been there and done that all, so i guess its the perfect time to share my journey of this blessing with you all.
will be sharing lots of information and personal experience with you girls.
stay tuned.